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You must absolutely publish your restaurant menu online

People do everything online: if you don’t have your menu online you are missing a great opportunity.

People choose where to go and what to buy using their smartphone. So it’s a wise choice to let people see your menu online. And your menu must look awesome, no matter what device people is using. Using you can create and publish a beautiful online menu that works perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Creating and publishing a menu online doesn’t require technical skills: you can simply add your information (text and photos) and our online menu maker will do the rest. You will get a professional online menu, that you can link from other websites or share on social media.

Your online menu can also be useful to give more information to people that is searching for a restaurant on search engines. BuonMenu is optimized for search engines and increases the rank of your restaurant online, making it easier for people to find your business.

Having an online menu is also useful for daily menus: for example people can see your daily menu directly from work or home and choose to go to your restaurant.

You can even replace your paper menu with the online menu, inside your restaurant: people can see it on their smartphone or you can give them a tablet if you prefer.

It’s time to create an online menu to give people more information, more engagement and increase sales.