Digital menu - Getting started

Easily manage the menu of the day with the archive function

Using a digital menu like BuonMenu, it is easy to manage a menu that changes frequently, like the menu of the day.

First of all you can use BuonMenu to create multiple menus: for example you can create a “Menu of the day” separate from the “Menu à la carte”.

Then, inside the menu of the day, you can create some categories and add all the dishes that you usually offer during the week.

Finally, each day, you can use the “Archive” and “Restore” button, on each product, in order to make it visible or hide it from the menu.

Basically, inside the digital menu, you can keep a catalogue of all the dishes, but then you show only some dishes to the customers (i.e. the dishes that are available that day).

If you have different needs, like a “cycle menu”, you can decide to create multiple menus, one for each day (e.g. “Menu – Sunday”, “Menu – Monday”, etc.) and then “Archive” and “Restore” an entire menu, based on the current day.

Note that the “Archive” and “Restore” functions offered by BuonMenu can be used on a single item, or on entire categories and menus.

Thanks to the “Archive” and “Restore” buttons, you don’t have to rewrite a new menu each time: you can simply hide or show the items and save a lot of time.

This is even more useful when the items include detailed descriptions, ingredients, allergens, images, labels, variants or other details that would be hard to rewrite each time.

Using BuonMenu you can get rid of paper menus: you can simply use the QR code and never print a menu again.

Digital menu - Getting started

Useful links to include in your digital menu

One of the advantages of a digital menu for restaurants, like BuonMenu, is that you can include useful links directly inside your menu. In this way your guests have immediate access to relevant information and you can promote actions that are valuable for your business.

Digital menu - Solutions

Create an online menu for your restaurant

Are you still using paper menus? It’s time to move to digital menus. BuonMenu is the latest kind of digital menu and allows your users to browse the menu directly on their smartphone (or on any other device).

Digital menu - Getting started

How to create a digital menu for your restaurant

You can use to easily create and publish a digital menu for your restaurant. Creating and updating a menu is easy and doesn’t require technical skills. The online menu will look beautiful both on desktop and mobile.

Let’s get started…