Digital menu - Advantages

Reasons to choose BuonMenu, the digital menu on the user smartphone

BuonMenu is the digital menu for smart restaurants.

Restaurants and other food establishments use BuonMenu to create and publish beautiful menus online.

Using BuonMenu you can easily create an online menu for your restaurant and allow your customers to browse your digital menu directly on their smartphone.

There are tens of reasons to choose our digital menu solution:

  • Smart — Digital menus are the future and you can offer a new experience to your users right now.
  • Easy updates — You can update your menu at any time and changes appear immediately: edit product availability and price, move items, create daily menus, or make any other change.
  • Online and always accessible — Users can open your digital menu in your restaurant, but can also read the same menu online, on the road, directly from work, from home, or from anywhere else.
  • Instant and easy access — Users don’t need to install any app in order to read your digital menu. They can simply open a link (e.g. or search your restaurant on BuonMenu or Google. You can also download a QR code and put it on the tables to give direct access to your menu.
  • Search engine optimized — Let people find your menu on search results, for example when they search your restaurant on Google. Your online menu also increases the rank of your website.
  • Direct links to social media to boost your followers — You can add direct links to your social media accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.) in your digital menu, so that people that eat in your restaurant are more likely to follow you on social media.
  • Multimedia — Add images to your menu to make it more appealing: you can add a photo for each product.
  • More information — Add more information to your menu without making it hard to read. Hyperlinks and multiple pages allow users to navigate your menu and get more information only when they need it.
  • Tell a story — Give value to your recipes and tell the users what’s behind a product by adding information about the quality of your process and the ingredients that you use.
  • Professional design — BuonMenu offers a perfect user experience and looks great both on desktop and mobile.
  • Accessibility — For people with poor eyesight or blind people it is easier to read a digital menu, rather than a printed menu. They can also use zoom and other technologies.
  • Written by you, in your language — The digital menu seen by your customers is written completely by you in your language.
  • Easy translations — Your digital menu can be easily translated by users in their preferred language using their browser tools (using Chrome for example).
  • Eco-friendly — Remove paper from your workflow and save the trees.
  • Clean — Users can use their new smartphone to read the menu instead of an old menu that was used by many people.
  • A menu for everyone — You don’t need to print stacks of menus and users don’t need to wait their turn to read the menu. Everyone can get its copy of the menu, even on a large table.
  • Always available — Users can read the menu at any time, from any location. They can also access the menu at any time during the meal, without asking the waiter to bring it to the table.
  • Take-away — Let people see your menu from home when they make phone orders, use food delivery apps or simply want to choose their take-away menu in advance.
  • More space on the table — Don’t waste space on the table with a pile of menus.
  • Menus for special occasions — Beside your main menu, you can add other menus to your restaurants, in order to promote events or other occasions.
  • Raise awareness of your offer — Many small businesses, like bars or coffee shops, don’t even have a menu, because it is cumbersome and requires too much maintenance… Having a digital menu with a simple QR code at the entrance, for example, can be a straightforward solution to make people aware of all the products that you offer and sell more.
  • Drinks — Let people see all the beverages, wines or cocktails that you offer. You can include detailed descriptions for each item or suggest perfect matches between specific dishes and drinks.
  • Seasonal products — Let your menu change without hassle depending on availability of products.
  • Test products — Add or remove products with ease from your main menu, instead of having the new products on a separate piece of paper.
  • Archive — You can archive some items or entire menus and then restore them with a single click.
  • Your content, your branding — The pages of your digital menu display only your content and your logo. We don’t add our branding or other contents from our website to your digital menu.
  • App style — BuonMenu is a progressive web app, meaning that your online menu looks and feels like an app, resulting in a better user experience. It is also extremely fast and the users don’t need to download any app from the app store.
  • Easy to create — Compared to building a website, a digital menu is easy to create and you don’t need design skills or technical skills. You just need to enter some information and BuonMenu does the rest.
  • Keep your current workflow — You don’t need to change your workflow or the software that you already use for managing your restaurant. BuonMenu is a simple and beautiful replacement for paper menus that you give to the customers.
  • Affordable — BuonMenu is affordable compared to maintaining a website, buying digital menus based on tablets or using food delivery apps to promote your business.